About the Artist


Kudos to JEM Photography for the lovely photo.

About Me

My sig is BHII, but I’m better known as Bill Horvath, and more formally as William L. Horvath II. I was born in 1970, and studied various forms of art in my youth. I became a professional artist in 2015, and presently pursue my creative endeavors at my studios in Sylvania, Ohio, and Jerome, Michigan.

About My Art

I love drawing freehand in pen and ink! It’s a significantly greater challenge than using pencils or tools (such as a straightedge), and I greatly enjoy the ‘pop’ of the ink’s contrast against the paper.

A few things I’ve learned along the way:

  • Every mistake is both a choice and an opportunity. When I draw something poorly, I choose to live with it, or I elect to draw something else that conforms to the shape and size of the mistake and its context. It turns out this practice has made me very happy by way of tickling my creative spirit.
  • Good quality paper and pens are worth the money, even for the starving artist. So are good quality, locally owned art supply stores.
  • It’s impossible to take decent pictures of small, two-dimensional art using a hand-held cellphone, as they virtually all come with a fisheye lens. The problem is due to the distortion caused by the lens when taking photos near enough to the art to pic up reasonable levels of detail, and it’s amply evident in the photos of my work. If you want high-quality pictures, build or buy a box to hold the phone and the subject at the correct angles. I hope to be re-shooting my unsold pieces with just such a box in the near future.