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Patchwork. Micron pen on Strathmore 300 Series Artists Tiles. 3"x3"
Patchwork. Micron pen on Strathmore 300 Series Artists Tiles. 4″ x 4″ unframed. NFS

This was a piece I developed during my thinking time at my desk. I’m very happy with how it came out, especially considering the relative sizes of the pen (Micron 02, .25mm) and the paper (4″x4″), which made some of the finer details very challenging. I especially enjoyed applying some use of negative space to incorporate less obvious elements into the work.

Art For Sale Pen and Ink

Blind Eyed Turned

This was the first piece I completed after a seven-week hiatus in which I was coaching a couple of youth soccer teams. (It’s hard to find the time to do art properly when you’re working on it outside of a full-time job and running practices four nights a week.)
I’m still undecided how to feel about this one. I had some unusual technical problems with my pens, which may have to do with the change in humidity as winter comes on, and that affected the quality of the larger dark areas. There are also a few places where the work didn’t come out quite as well as it usually does. However, I’m pleased with the overall effect. The content references the horrendous suffering of the people fleeing Syria, and of the non-European areas of the world largely ignoring the problem – The U.S., for example, has taken in all of around 1,700 people so far.

Art NFS Pen and Ink

Lost Lightning

Lost Lightning. Micron pens on marker paper. 8.5
Lost Lightning. Micron pens on marker paper. 8.5″ x 11″ unframed. NFS

 I’m very pleased with how most of this came out, though I wish I’d written down the details about the make and model of the paper before I’d left the Art Supply Depo, where it was purchased as an individual sheet. It pays homage to the late great Oliver Sacks, whose brilliant analyses pushed research on the structure and function of the brain to new heights. His insights struck like lightning in the field of psychology, hence the title of this piece.